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ADAPT offers a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment to those wanting to rebuild their lives without the use of illicit substances. Our organisation is available to those who have completed primary or secondary care in rehabilitation units; or those who are looking for an abstinence based environment. ADAPT offers a bespoke day programme which operates five days a week, facilitated by a team of experienced and qualified Addictions Counsellors.

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Our treatment plan

The treatment model at ADAPT integrates the principals of 12 step fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous with that of an Interpersonal Therapy Model, offering a holistic approach to recovery, including 12 Step Facilitation, Psycho-educational Workshops, Interpersonal Group Therapy & Weekly 1-1 Therapy sessions.

Our purpose is to offer an alternative to regular Supported Housing, with the view to our residents accessing the 'best of both worlds' to offer them the best possible outcomes in their individual journeys. ADAPT uses only evidence based treatment models and see's each resident as an individual, meaning their treatment plan can be tailored to the them.

Our vision is to see:

  • Residents building the foundations of independent living
  • The improved lives of vulnerable adults
  • Helping residents return to work through developing their skills
  • Residents sustaining their drug abstinence
  • Repaired relationships and stronger family bonds
  • A reduction of residents on benefits.
  • A reduction in crime.

Rules and Requirements:

Residents are required to attend three fellowship meetings a week, begin/continue to work the 12 Steps, practice accountability, and develop life skills. More specifically, residents of ADAPT are required to adhere to the following:

  • Abstinence-based living
  • Full adherence to the house's Resident Code of Conduct - CODE OF CONDUCT
  • 3 x weekly 12-Step meetings
  • Weekly Day Programme, dependent on circumstances (To be discussed during assessment process)
  • Therapeutic Duties
  • Regular drug testing
  • Non-fraternization with any persons using drugs or alcohol
  • Open respect for staff and peer resident feedback
  • Obtain a 12-Step sponsor at their earliest opportunity.
  • Obtain a 12-Step home group and one service position within one month of residency.
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