M.A.T.E (Men and thier emotions)

Danny O'Reilly - AKA Dapper Laughs

With my incredible following of over 5 million people across my social media platforms, I have shared many aspects of my life. A lot of my followers have been with me since I became one of the first viral social media influencers and have followed me with my comedy, acting, music and many business ventures.

After being diagnosed with severe ADHD and beginning my sobriety for the second time; I set up 'Men And Their Emotions' (M.A.T.E) on Facebook. The safe-space online male group was created as a platform for men to talk to one another in an anonymous, non-judgmental environment, allowing them to open up and share advice. It's a secure, digital place where all men can ask questions, whether it is anonymously or not, share opinions, and support each other. The group now boasts almost 45,000 members who support each other and look to me as an advocate for men's mental health. This led me to release my podcast 'Menace II Sobriety' earlier this year, which reached number one in the comedy podcasts and is increasing in following weekly. The podcast has achieved almost 766,000 views since its release and has received incredible feedback.

After being cancelled, losing my father & my career, I hit rock bottom and have spent the last 10 years re-building. I am now 11 months sober, more successful than I've ever been and pushing myself & others to be the best version of ourselves. Mental health can affect anyone and it's a battle we need to fight together.

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Eddie and Dan - Podcast

Eddie met Dan to share her story on Menance to Sobriety, if you haven’t given it a listen make sure you do.

Feedback from people we have helped

I highly recommend ADAPT as a place to go if you want a new way of life.

- Samuel

ADAPT gave me a lifeline when I was hopeless and at the end of the road in my addiction.

- Oliver

ADAPT gave me the life changing experience were no one else would help, as I was homeless.

- George

ADAPT saved my life, I didn't have a clue about recovery or living clean and since going there they have taught me how to do it.

- Jack

Not only did ADAPT save my life, but it gave me a new one with a different perspective.

- Christopher

I've been an addict for over 20 years on and off and since coming to ADAPT I've been clean for just over 4 months.

- Quyum

What they do here is life changing, the workshops, therapy and 121 sessions are where the work and healing process starts.

- Peter
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