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While addiction may not be always obvious within families, the issue is sadly widespread. Whether it's overstressed, overworked parents or children feeling undervalued and marginalised, many homes that should be happy are being ripped apart by the knock on effects of one family member who has lost their way. We understand and are here to help. The signposting and support service is free of charge to all families and offers the choice and freedom to change their therapy at any time. We will ask for a donation to the charity from those who can afford on-going treatment.

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Adapt offers a variety of services to support people that are struggling with addiction. From simply listening and being there to helping people get off of the streets. Adapt is proud of the work it is able to achieve.

The Icarus Programme provides help and assistance for families and others affected by addiction of all types. We can help you by providing a trained 'Family Friend' to help guide you through to find the support you need.

Our friendly team is always at the end of a phone to put families in touch with the best people to suit their specific needs and make a real difference.

Are you looking for help?

Would you like to help? We are always looking for family friends to become part of our team, whether you are a therapist or would like to offer your time voluntarily to support the family members suffering please do get in touch be clicking the button below.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Feel free to get in touch directly with Eddie from Icarus to find out how you can get support and to learn what we can offer: Call: 07786557104. Email:

Or click the Contact Us button to use our online form or the Referrals button to self refer directly to us.

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