Matt's story

I came into ADAPT on the 26th June 2020. I was broken, busted and mis-trusted. I'd exhausted all other routes of funding and was homeless. ADAPT built me up by treating me as a human and with love and compassion. Through ADAPTs well tailored programme and 1 to 1 therapy I've managed to stay clean for 2 years 3 months. And in that time I have got 2 qualifications and currently starting a level 2 counselling course. I see my children today unsupervised and have a amicable relationship with their mum.


Archie's story

I came to ADAPT on 17th Feb 2021 a hopeless alcoholic after a 13 day hospital detox. I was completely broken. Didn't want to be alive. Riddled with anxiety at the prospect of an hour without a drink on the outside world. You could say ADAPT loved me back to life. Through group therapy and 1:1 counselling I was able to learn how to live in the real world sober. And to process events in my life that I used alcohol to escape from. My life today is completely different thanks to ADAPT. I am 21 months sober And those feelings of hopelessness have truly disappeared. I am able to be a good father to my young son and a reliable family member. None of which I was before.

Alcohol took everything from me including aspirations, but I am now slowly getting those back I am doing a degree in Psychology in the hope that one day I can help people in the way that I've been helped. And without ADAPT that wouldn't have been possible. I thank god everyday for the chance at ADAPT. If you are struggling go to ADAPT you won't regret it..

"Joe's" story

Having been to many dry houses/ residential rehabs in my life ADAPT brings something different to recovery that simply works.

ADAPT focuses on relationships and building those relationships with others - in groups therapy sessions and outside of groups in shared experiences, doing health and fitness / yoga / days out / acupuncture/ drama to name a few. ADAPT has many assets but to name one - Matt. A fully qualified therapist with a back ground of addiction and a no-nonsense but loving approach. Matt facilitates most groups and his skills as a therapist shine through. Matt has a genuine passion and desire to help each individual to become the best person they can be and ultimately have a life without active addiction. Lucy - A kind and caring counsellor who delivers workshops that help us understand the our behaviours as addicts. And how to make small changes.

All this would not be possible if Eddie the founder of ADAPT had not worked as hard as she has to passionately put all this together. ADAPT is run completely by people who have found a new way of life and have arrested there addictions. Being in ADAPT is a journey to find yourself through the love and support of others.

I highly recommend ADAPT as a place to go if you want a new way of life.

Feedback from people we have helped

I highly recommend ADAPT as a place to go if you want a new way of life.

- Samuel

ADAPT gave me a lifeline when I was hopeless and at the end of the road in my addiction.

- Oliver

ADAPT gave me the life changing experience were no one else would help, as I was homeless.

- George

ADAPT saved my life, I didn't have a clue about recovery or living clean and since going there they have taught me how to do it.

- Jack

Not only did ADAPT save my life, but it gave me a new one with a different perspective.

- Christopher

I've been an addict for over 20 years on and off and since coming to ADAPT I've been clean for just over 4 months.

- Quyum

What they do here is life changing, the workshops, therapy and 121 sessions are where the work and healing process starts.

- Peter
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